34th Annual Eastside Democrats Fundraiser

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Eastside Democrats will not be hosting the annual in-person dinner. While we will not be able to gather in the same space, the national response to the pandemic has shown us real life reasons why the event’s theme United for Blue to elect Democrats up and down ballot is so timely…and critical. Electing Democrats will save lives.  

To achieve the goal of upholding our values and electing Democrats to critical offices, we’d  be very grateful if you would 🔵 DONATE TODAY 🔵 

Contribution to the Eastside Democrats has promoted strong Democratic leadership at the local level, elected Democratic candidates to the state legislature and advanced democratic causes in our communities across the 5th, 41st, 45th & 48th LDs. YOU have made a difference!

As you’ve probably seen, states with GOP-controlled legislatures and judiciary have taken action to overrule science-based stay-at-home orders, putting lives,  and economic recovery at risk. The difference between the value systems of Democrats and Republicans has never been so clear, so stark. While many are focused on the presidential race, WA has key offices in play. Governor, Lt Governor, Attorney General, Secretary of State, Treasurer, State Reps & more. We have lots of reasons to be United for Blue.

We realize that some have purchased dinner tickets for a dinner that will not happen. Thank you for your early support! As there will be no dessert-dash, live auction or raise the paddle opportunities, if your circumstances permit, we hope you will virtually raise the paddle and DONATE additional funds today.

Questions?  Contact Us !

Thank you to the following $2500 Sapphire Sponsors:

  • Ironworkers Local 86
  • Laborers Local 242
  • Seattle Building & Construction Trades